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Refilled Weekly

Expertly formulated for a spotless home

Paired with Specialized Domestic Training

The average spend on detergents is costing households

approx R950 p/m. With FabCab, you’ll pay only R495 p/m

Using FabCab you will never overspend on detergents again!

Get started for free in 3 easy steps


Book a FabCab installation time


We’ll install your FabCab Unit and teach you everything you need to know to enjoy a cleaner home for less!


Enjoy a spotless home and more time for what matters.

What Our Customers Have to Say

There is really nothing more frustrating than finding out you have run out of detergents when you need to clean the house! Since getting FabCab that is all in the past! I have amazing products that never runs out. One less thing to think about means more time for me!


House wife and mother of five

Having a FabCab unit, refilled weekly, not only saved me time, but every month I save money! No more bargain hunting for me!


Attorney and mother of four

I’ve saved over R400 a month on my household cleaning agents already – Thanks to you FabCab. Your service too has been exceptional!

Suzzie Buthalezi

Nurse and mother of four

The FabCab household detergent unit is utterly amazing. Through FabCab’s domestic product usage training program, my domestic has learnt so much on how to clean my house and washing. Even my washing machine is working better!

Nirvana Naaidoo

Media buyer and mother of three

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