The Cleanest Washing Machine Equals the Cleanest Washing on the Block

Four “must know” ways to use your washing machine

We know you’ve been doing laundry for many years, but are you doing it in the most optimal way?

FabCab reveals 4 strategies for perfectly clean, beautifully smelling clothes and a happy machine every time you do your laundry.

  1. Reduce your load size

Cramming the washing machine’s tub maybe your quickest option, especially when you have so much laundry to do, but clothes need to move and tumble to get properly cleaned! By cramming in too much, clothes and towels are too tightly packed to allow the detergent and water to get in between them and will not come out as clean as you’d hoped. Adjust the water level (newer models automatically do this) and drying time, and if your washer and dryer have different capacities, go for the smaller volume.

  1. Pick the right detergent

Use only products with the “HE” logo in high-efficiency machines. Today, many detergents are formulated for both regular and high-efficiency machines, but some brands, still offer separate product lines. Pick the wrong one, and you may end up with too many suds (froth made from soap and water) in your clothes. Regular cleaners can generate too many suds, damaging these appliances. Our FabLaundry detergent is ideally formulated to do a thorough job of cleaning your clothes without generating any suds.

  1. Make sure you’re measuring

The instructions on your detergent’s packaging are accurate guidelines — it’s when you ignore them that errors occur.

“Don’t pour in your detergent without measuring,” says Carolyn Forte, the director of the Home Appliances and Cleaning Products department in the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. “Eyeballing the correct amount is more difficult than you think. You’ll get it wrong.”

Think about how much you’re washing (and how dirty your clothes are). Your detergent’s instructions ask if you’re washing a “medium,” or “large” load, but what do those words really mean?

“A medium-sized load is about 2.7 – 3.2kg and will fill your machine about three-quarters of the way,” says Forte. “If you’re washing clothes with a lot of stains, use a pre stain remover before adding your washing to the machine

“A large-sized load is about 3.2 – 4kg and will fill your machine.

The FabCab unit comes with both the liquid laundry and softener with exact measurements for both medium and large loads resulting in the cleanest and freshest laundry on the block.

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  1. Clean the machine.

Select the largest load size, fill the tub with hot water and a cup of FabMulti from FabCab (which is perfect for this purpose) and run a cycle. On a newer machine, just select the self-cleaning cycle. Then remove dispensers and drawers and rinse under hot water, cleaning off the residue.


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